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Almond oil for intensive skin care

Almond oil is versatile


Almond oil is not only a great massage, but very popular due to its properties for general body care. It can be used as base oil for all skin types to the massage. Heat the oil to comfortable body temperature to make the massage more effective and can more easily collect the oil in the skin. It is also suitable for facial care and skin cleansing. The appearance of the skin can be refined for a regular application. Therefore, the almond oil is a popular face oil for private use.


Almond oil is well tolerated


Due to its composition, you can easily mix almond oil with other base oils or even essential oils. Due to the ingredients linoleic acid, vitamin E and B, as well as numerous monounsaturated fatty acids is the almond oil for every skin type that is suitable and very maintenance intensive. Even users with skin problems or sensitive skin very well tolerated this oil so it suited for dandruff problems or atopic dermatitis.


Tips for the purchase of almond oil


Good manufacturers ensure that the choice of raw materials on quality and without additives. Good qualities have a clear, pale yellow colour. Almond oil is fluid by nature right. For private requirements packaging units is sufficient entirely up to 250 ml. Almond oil has a very good price / performance ratio in comparison to other massage oils.