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Wellness and Relaxation with music by Deuter

Music for meditation and relaxation massages


The artist Deuter


The German Georg Chaitanya Deuter who was born in 1975 in Falkenhagen (Brandenburg) is hiding behind the pseudonym deuter. Deuter is a pioneer of the new age music scene and is regarded as one of the first multi instrumentalists. In his school, he learned to play the flute. He learned the guitar playing in the youth himself. Damaris worked as a journalist and Illustrator in Munich. Then he focused more on the music.


From rock music to music therapy


Deuter was one of the first musicians, who mixed rock music with nature sounds, ethnic music and nature sounds. A nearly fatal car accident, influences of Sufism, and a long stay in India led him to this new understanding of music. In India, he composed at the end of the 70s own meditations, which are also used in medical and therapeutic areas. His other works were inspired by Chinese, Indian and Indian music.


Music for the senses


Deuter aim was and is to touch people with his music, and to get in their cores. Listeners should can fall and can devote entirely to music, immerse yourself in it and fly all your thoughts of it.


Deuter composed music for various meditation techniques (such as Osho), relaxation techniques such as yoga or Pilates training methods. His music is very well suited to treatments for relaxing massages or Reiki.

Almost 40 years of music by deuter


Deuter in 1971 under the title 'D' first and only album in rock style. Here you can find rock music without vocals. There is a jumble of guitar, bass, or electronic effects. Through the changing understanding of music, the influence of rock was then still audible, but considerably softened by instrumental sounds and sounds of nature.


Discography (excerpt)


1971: "D"


1979: Osho Kundalini meditation music


1995: Wind & mountain


1999: Reiki: hands of light


2001: Buddha nature


2003: Osho Gourishankar meditation


2008: Spiritual healing


2008: Atmospheres


2009: Eternity